There are many lonely hours we toil in our craft behind closed doors. It is essentially invisible. No one celebrates it (in fact, we are probably teased & kinda mocked by some friends and family...and even our inner critic tends to fire off a heckle as soon as we begin). No one pays for it (in fact, it costs us time with no promise of return). It often seems we are all by ourselves...with only the murmurs of critics and our doubts as company.   But in time, as we pursue mastery and effectiveness... crowds often begin to swarm & money begins to surge. If you continue to quietly sow your seed, even in tears and loneliness, eventually you will reap a public harvest greater than you can imagine.

This is the essence of Invisible Leadership. Psalm 126:6 is the blueprint.


Many of us having asking this questions because of ways seems unclear. Both works perfectly, depending how you follow this:

When it comes to making money online there are three elements that everyone MUST have in order to succeed:
1 – Something to sell
 2 — A website that makes the sale
 3 — People coming to that site and buying
Getting items 1 and 2 set up and in place are as easy as pie. In fact, you can have these in place in the next 10 minutes.
But it’s that third element, getting real people to come to your site and buy something, that has most people stumped.
Getting visitors to your site is called, in Internet terms, getting traffic. And there is no other topic on which so much is written, and so much is wrong.
Being a fairly simple minded fellow, I like to keep things simple and easy to understand. In that light, here are some thoughts on understanding, and getting, traffic.

FIRST THINGS FIRST… There are basically two types of traffic: What this means is that you are going to have to pay for traffic through either your efforts (free traffic) or your pocketbook (paid traffic). Everybody pays… some with time, others with money. I’m sure by now you know that the “three click” wonders don’t work for anyone … except the people selling them!

So there is paid traffic and free traffic. Nothing more. Nothing less. Let’s look at each and see how they work.

In this post I’m going to touch on free traffic. In future posts (there are a few parts to this series) I will dig deeper into both free and paid methods, including what’s working now. First, an overview of free traffic methods that actually work, and some to avoid.

F r e e T r a f f i c If ever there was a siren song of the digital age, ‘free traffic’ is it. Can you really get absolutely free traffic to your site? Sure. Can you build a business based on this traffic? Yes. BUT - and there is always a but – you will have to learn how to get it and work hard as well. If that’s okay with you, let’s look at how it works. Here are the main sources of free traffic, along with a word about each…

SEARCH ENGINES Often touted as the #1 way to get free traffic, the tactic here is to get your site listed in the venerated ‘top ten’ search results. You can’t trick the search engines, like Google, so the best way to do this is to provide content, and lots of it. If your site is helpful to human readers you will do well. Create a content rich site and the search engines will reward you by displaying that site when people search for the type of information you provide. But the content must be high quality and must be original. No rehashed PLR content for you. That will only get you banned, busted and begging for mercy.

FREE ADS Free ads are a mixed blessing. They are free, which is good. They usually don’t work, which is bad. If you can get a free ad in a place where ads are usually sold, like the free ad you get for subscribing to some ezines or classified ad sites that are visited by people, then it might be worth the time. BUT - ad blasters and automated submitters do not work in testing and are to be avoided. We will bring to your notice the rest free traffic method in our next article. Keep date with us. Herbert O To Your Success P.S- You may feel that there is no hope and that no one seems to be in the same path as you are. You may think its hard to talk to anyone about marketing because people already had it set in their minds that network marketing is a negative way of making $$/income because of the so called "pyramid" scheme... But always keep in mind that in order to gain and/or succeed in this industry, you may need to embrace a temporary lost of social esteem from ignorant people There are others out there that are locked and are trying to function basing on their old ways of doing things. But yet, they will think you're a fool as they criticize you because they just don't understand the possibilities that you saw. They will even think 💭you are out of ur mind for becoming involve in network marketing... But becoming a fool is not a bad thing, its just shows you're human👤 and willing to take a risk to reach your ultimate PURPOSE!!! Don't let them stop 🚨 you from pursuing and looking beyond the vision you have of the industry as you reach for that GOAL that you have created for yourself... At the end of the day, who do you think becomes more successful? YOU, who are risking and can gain 💸UNLIMITED income, or THEM, who are contented with the only way they know how which is, to work for a company that pays them LIMITED and SET monthly income working 40 hours a week...

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