Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Creating A "Hyperlink" In Your Page

Adding HyperLink To Pages

In Web Development, hyperlink is very important as it is the only means to locate any file or page in your website and outside also. What is Hyperlink? This you may ask. It is a method of connecting one resource file; typically a web page, to another targeted resource file. Links can be applied to both text and pictures. By default, unvisited text hyperlinks are displayed as underlined blue text; which may or may not show the resource’s location. When talking about the web; the protocol is generally Hyper Text Transfer Protocol [HTTP] the channel Gopher. The protocol tells your browser how to ask for the file it’s trying to locate. The rest of the URL tells the browser where to find the file. Uniform Resource Locator – [URL] is an address identifying the location of a file on the Internet, consisting of the protocol, the computer name on which the file is located, and the file’s location on that computer After the colon [:], usually separated by two forward slashes [//]; comes the path which is the folder name and file name. So in the following; URL - http://noblepage.com/article/link.html; “http” is the protocol, the server name is “noblepage.com” the folder name is “article” and the file name is “link.htm”. Addresses can be either relative or absolute. Relative Address: For linking resources that reside within a particular web’s folder structure [Internal]; use only the path – omitting the protocol and server name. This saves you from typing full URL’s. For example, images/gallery.gif is a relative address. Absolute Address: This reference can also be used in linking the internal resources; but mainly it is used to connect to resources outside your web. These URLs must be complete, including protocol, server location, and file path. The aforementioned Noblepage URL is an example of an absolute address. Example On Links Hyperlink Type | Typical Address Internal | sales/index.htm Bookmark | #software Mailto | mailto: support@ noblepage . com Eternal | http: // www.
Adding Text Hyperlink To Page
In this method the text takes the place of the link on your page when you make proper use of the tags or commands. The text becomes the only visible and clickable object to your visitors. Steps to follow when adding a text using web or page Templates: 1. Select existing text for the link or place the insertion point where the new link will be located 2. Click the Insert Hyperlink button 3. Add a Screen Tip to help identify the link. If you don’t select existing text in step 1, you will have to enter the text to be displayed 4. Determine the type of link you want – Existing file or web page [link to internal or external file or page] Place in this Document [link to a bookmark]; Create a New Document [have the link create a new page for you]; Email Address. 5. Enter the address or location of the resource you want to link to and click OK. Using HTML Tags – Type the URL you want to link to with the appropriate tags which consist of Opening and Closing tags < a > < / a>. But the text you want in the place of the link; must be typed before the closing tag. “A”:- This tag is the Anchor to the location or link you want to create in your web or page. With “Href” as the string or determiner on the link to which resource you want; relative [internal] or absolute [external]. Example: - Internal "a href=”sales /index. htm” The Text You Want Here!< / a> External "a href=”http :// www. noblepage. com/ article/ link. htm” The Text You Want Here!< / a> Note: There should not be space when typing the above tags and also in typing Html tags.Why you may notice spaces among the tags and letters/words in this article is because it is edited in NotePad. so without the spaces all you will see with be plane texts and links; for clear understanding that's why we added the spaces. No Information is a waste as long as someone somewhere will make use of it positively. You need more KNOWLEDGE on web development; we are ready to help you acquire it. You think you can? Let see what you have. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00M9F4NIE

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