The nutritional, preventive, culinary values of the foods listed are for healthy living if followed:- Health is Wealth. Life is one BREATH......

But it does not means that you should have self – diagnosis or self – treatment without consulting a qualified physician on that particular illness you’re passing through – or better still when you notice uncommon symptoms in your systems. You must also know that inappropriate use of these recipes or food can cause allergic reactions in sensitive person – so caution is to be applied to avoid that.
  • Take more of the whole wheat bread – especially the sugar free and it’s good for any diabetic patient.
  • Take more of the vegetable juice – where is difficult to have the juice, you can slice or chop and boil and eat.
  • Take more onion, garlic, ginger etc boiled or cooked
  • Take more of the nuts, fruits – cucumber, avocado, watermelon etc
  • Take less of flesh [beef, poke] etc – substitute with baked soya bean [Tofu]
  • Take more water and less alcohol drinks and sugary drinks
  • Take more of the grain foods, bean foods
  • Take less of the fried foods and can foods [preserved]
  • Take less of fatty foods – cause one to be overweight and it can cause cancer so you’re advised to stay fit
  • Do not expose your skin in the sun – when it’s at the peak; the early morning sun is much better than the late morning and afternoon – Especially children should not be allowed
  • Always follow the prescription of the medical professionals to be on the safe side
  • Be free from Diabetes and lose weight fast
  • In the case of infection or fever – more clean water is need to help eliminate the toxic that cases that and low-fat and easy to digest foods are needed also to keep the body free from the infection. Hands must be washed regularly with clean water [running] and soap because most of the bacteria are carried through our hands.
  • More tomatoes, potatoes can be cooked or baked – oranges, melon can also be peel and chop and grind – in the case where it’s difficult to grind can be eaten after peeled or chopped. If grinded, honey can be added – mix – vegetable, paw paw all grind
  • Do not smoke and if you smoke, you must stop it as fast as you can –
  • Do not stay in the same room or spot where people smoke – because you that are not smoking inhales the 70% of the exhaled smoke
  • Do not take alcohol drinks or spirited ones
  • Take more of vegetables, fruits and cereal foods with high fibre more often
  • Fatty foods cause one to be overweight and it can cause cancer –
  • Do not expose you skin in the sun when it’s at the peak – the early morning sun is much better than the late morning or afternoon – especially children should not be allowed.
  • Always follow the prescription of the medical professionals to prevent cancer. Always go for checkup – 3 months is ideal period for men but women should often check their breast and also participate in any of the screening program to be sure of cancer free.
• Vegetable Juice – tomatoes, carrots, cucumber, cauliflower, garlic, ginger • Stuffed Pepper – garlic, tomatoes, tofu, almond soup, whole rice, rep pepper, autumn cabbage • Soya bean – cooked or baked • All types of salad mixed with carrots, peas, red pepper, beans and also rice • Chest nuts, broccoli, red beet – cooked, almond grinded, hazel nuts grinded Remember an apple a day keeps you away from the doctor and also a glass cup of milk and a hand full of cashew nuts is very important at night – to rest properly after the hectic day. For More Health Tips - Click Here! P.S - Do you know that silence is the worst illness? Why die in silence; when the remedy is right Here! To Your Healthy Living
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