The Success story of the richest man on earth was not made in one night but it started with one step that leads to the other.
I find pleasure in Internet Marketing Game which I know that you do same. Having passion in this game is the firewall that helped me going when things seemed dark. To build a platform of success might take years and years to be well built and time is the only space factor here.

The hurdles and failures in this game has made many to quit, but to me no magnitude of discouragement and intemedation will make me quit. Most of us don't like things that stress us but still we remain in stress community; kicking, biting and fighting to survive from wants and cares.

For one to survive these challenges, you must be flexible in your business. You can't make it alone so you need the help of others and you must be ready to adapt in every circumstances you find yourself in.
That is why I said; 'Patience is very important and also essential for success to be achieved'. I know you're aware, patience in things positively laid grows with Time to yield success.

I often say success, success, and success. Maybe you might think of riches as success, yes! is part of it. But to me success is your wellbeing in all ramifications of life. So it will be impossible for one that cheats to be successful but this act is the result of impatience.
Also one who has doubts and fears will never have the healthy mind to pursue success as it required time. Be friendly if you must move to the next level and never all the past mistakes be repeated.

We all have been in one of these situations or the other. I personally have been through more of this, I have been ripped off many times by the Internet Turkeys who says one click $1000. But notwithstanding, I have made up my mind never to quit what I love doing because of stumbling blocks which I can easily turn into stepping stones.

You must be positive minded, shut every doors of doubt and discouragement. Create Time for yourself to reflect on the works by comparing all to see which has the most positive impact to you; go back to it and see if it worths the stress.
Always see yourself as a winner and hold on to the positive side of life, with Time you will breakthrough their walls of hostility.

Do you find joy in helping others? Do you engage yourself in the service of love which means playing generously? You have to set yourself free from the sorrows that the Internet Marketing disappointment has caused and move on. If you have been a victim of this, term it blessing for it has brought wisdom and knowledge on that which resulted to the heartache.

But if you're just starting with this game Internet Marketing, there's a lot to learn. You must have a purpose you pursue with vigor by setting realistic goals and time frames that allow you TIME to learn; which is the essential part of this Game. It is very important to the soul of Internet Marketing because it has a process which is like chain reaction, when one step is missed it becomes difficult to connect, which might result to giving up.

I am not saying this because I am perfect, but becuause of the lives that are in danger of this fate, just as I was told initially but I failed to take it serious, and I paid darely for that.
As you desired SUCCESS so you must desire TIME, to walk and work especially with those you sign up with.

TIME does what your effort can't do. When a system is set up right, Time does the work for you. All you have to do is SET that you're doing up right, give TIME a chance to do the work for you and the positive results will surely follow. You must exercise a lot of patience and determination if Time must give you positive returns. So take Time serious if you want Time to be on your side.

To Your Success.

P.S I will like you to leave comments, to enable me put up the book which I am writing on this title in a better format. Thanks for your TIME.

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