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Amazon Stats – Reasons Why You Better Get In:

Amazon is SCALING like CRAZY: • Over 200 million BUYERS on their platform! • More than 20 Million Prime Customers • Amazon sold more than 37 million items on Cyber Monday 2013 (that’s ONE day) • Amazon had net sales of nearly $75 billion in 2013, which is a 22% increase over 2012 Amazon has 5 unique characteristics that make it the perfect platform for this online eCommerce: Check this out.

1. Amazon Sells Just About Everything: You can buy a stroller, dog food, a dishwasher and just about anything else you can think of on Amazon.

2. Amazon Attracts BUYERS: Millions of customers start their shopping process directly on their website each year.

3. Amazon Provides Access: They allow individuals like you and me to sell on their platform with almost no overhead. You can sell more here on Amazon than you have sold using other platforms.

4. Amazon Provides Information: Amazon gives you real time information about products that are selling, allowing you to pinpoint the best opportunities to target.

5. Amazon Lets You Use Their Infrastructure: Amazon can handle the entire order process for you, including shipping to customers; Your primary responsibility is making sure to keep inventory in stock, which gives you the ability to scale your business very quickly.

6. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing: Amazon allows you to independently publish your eBook with their Kindle Publishing platform for free and they take the responsibility of marketing the entire book. Nothing to worry about all is done for you. If you have been looking for place to publish your work profit, you're at the right place.

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