Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Tips for Writing Quality Squeeze Page

Does It Look Like Its Name Squeeze Page?

When the term Squeeze Page is mentioned, my mind runs years back at school. Then our teacher will stand in front of the students in her class to yell at us. ‘Who Squeeze these pieces of papers on the floor?’ Our heart will beat fast because we dread her whip. This one differs completely from what we see on the floors of our homes or schools. Once this name Squeeze Page is mentioned,it should bring a clear picture that means; a page where the best information/content about our products/services is listed.It should not be a page to entice prospects or customers. Buy my product We should not be surprise sometimes though our Squeeze Page is well organized with the best information or content still it becomes difficult for people to share their personal information. You should be honest and make the strongest effort \to convince those that will need your service/products about the benefits they will get if they take action. Your Squeeze Page must be easy to digest. It must not be uninviting and too enticing. It must be clear, short and simple. It should be in a simple format in terms of grammar. Our focus in this article is to help you improve your squeeze page by inspecting your overall Ads presentation. The few outlines below are to help you create an appealing page that will have your readers throwing their email address at you for more information.
  1. Build Positive Trademark: When a person visits your Site, he or she should notice KEY element that make your organization stands out. The same should apply with your squeeze page! There should be complete agreement between your site and Squeeze Page that your readers will see the true Trademark \you bear. People want to know who is behind the product; and being transparent will help establish trust and honesty that will turn them to customers. The good personality you show in your squeeze page, the better it will reflect on your services when the same \ people return for a purchase.
  1. Establish Trust With Every Reader: People don’t just share their personal information easily. In this generation of information overloaded with countless online scams, fear of email spam, or worse, identity theft. So it’s important to assure them of their personal information protection against any odd. With this assurance they might share their personal information.
  1. Easy To Understand Offer: - Like we said earlier, transparency is the key to win the trust of your readers. So you must create an understandable offer that will clear all doubts in the minds of your prospects. And you must not make promises that will disappoint your readers, be clear with your message. Concentration is required to create a captivating Call To Action that will make them say YES to your instructions.
  1. Video Medium – The best way to make your readers/prospects trust you is, including a video clip on your squeeze page. It is said, ‘Seen is Believing’. So when they see you and hear you talk, it will make them believe in what you offer. And you must keep it short not lengthy. It should be on their control to play or not. Make it interesting and direct to the point. You can use other forms of multimedia like images,etc.
  1. Color Effect – It is advisable to use dark colors on a light background. Black and white is the default color, but using two or three colors to beautify your Squeeze Page is not bad. Avoid the eye – blind colors and don’t design for your personal test. Think about your readers and remember that some have short sightedness. Consistency is the key; so align your tips and pictures evenly by surrounding each section with contrasting colors. Try to make it one page and easy to run through for those with narrow view devices like smartphones,etc.
  1. Statistics Clear Fact – There are so many Testimonial out on net and to be frank, it does not move people anymore. This method should be used inside website rather than on the squeeze page. Create information revealing what you are offering them, the assurance that what you offer is real not hype. How long you took to create what you’re offering and your accomplishment so far. Don’t let it look like self-promotional rather base more on their benefit.
  1. Link Main Site – It is necessary to have a link back to your site with the click option to enable those that are ready to get more information about your organization or products do so. It might not be direct to your sight, may be affiliate link. It is right because it will enable them seeing something else you offer; who can tell what they really want at that moment.
  1. Make it Mobile Friendly because 35% of Internet traffic is generated from Mobile devices. Consider updating your website to responsive web design. The multimedia web app is the ultimate to access traffic both wide and narrow view ports. The old desk top app is worn out. So follow change to evolve with time.
  1. Your Opt – In Form should be short and simple. Do not ask from your prospects unnecessary information like Phone Number, Home/Office Address. You don’t need those things. The best information you required is Name and Email. Though it might be difficult for people to give out their personal information, make them believe you value their privacy. Please do away with Pop Up Ads that have been so common. It drives readers away and I don’t use it. Sometimes they are frustrating, and most of them don’t close – leaving a particular page becomes war.How sad that person will be and might not return to that page or site again. But if you have to use Pop Ups, kindly use one or two with large X to enable easy close.
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