Who Holds The Key To Your Success?

Success is a written story of one who MOTIVATED himself or herself to ACHIEVE his/her DREAMS. We fail to understand that accumulation of WEALTH is not SUCCESS, but seeing ONES DREAMS come through is the REAL SUCCESS one should desire. And this makes one fulfilled in LIFE. EDUCATE YOUR SUCCESS: The Successful ones never shut the door of progress, development and information from people. A true Successful person allows others to succeed with his SUCCESS PLATFORM/FOUNDATION. Anyone who denies people access to his platform is not worthy of the term SUCCESSFUL. No champion despise applause and no triumph ridicules praises. And those that desired SUCCESS never reject or ignore information. Leverage the successful platform of the achievers of impossibility to achieve your dreams. Note; Your mind is one of the KEY FACTORS to your SUCCESS OR FAILURE. PLAN TO SUCCEED: Why do you desire to fail when in you – GOD implanted the desire to succeed? Never let any difficulty overwhelm you. Why should you allow FEAR instead of COURAGE? Have a GOAL and be FOCUSED. Life is full of RISKS and only those that WALK through the RISKS in LIFE ACHIEVE GREATNESS. There is nothing a man conceived and believed that is unattainable in life. The Almighty GOD has given every one the POWER to ACHIEVE the IMPOSSIBILITY, only if YOU believe you can achieve it. Teach your mind to think POSITIVELY and let your willed mind pull down the walls of DOUBT in YOU. Use your CREATIVE part of life to build your PLATFORM to enable you SUCCEED. WHO ARE YOU? WANT TO SUCCEED?: If you ANSWER YES; then you must know that to be RICH is not what you have in your BANK ACCOUNT but what you have in YOUR HEART. Always be that you desired to be no matter the hedges in life. A winner never quits in whatever he or she is doing because of ugly situations or obstacles on the ways of success. And quitters never win because they don’t believe that they can achieve success at face of difficulties. If you believe that you’re a winner, act like one now by standing on your feet once again with courage and positive attitude. POSITIVE THOUGHT HELPS: Success and Failure are closely related but the difference is that SUCCESS fill his/her mind with POSITIVE things and ACT with them. While FAILURE always thinks negatively and ALLOWS DOUBT and FEAR to ACT on his/her stead. The OPTIMIST always build for the FUTURE knowing fully well that SUCCESS comes through DETERMINATION, PERSEVERANCE and CONSISTENCE in all things. Through the EYES and MIND of the POSITIVE THOUGHT, IMPOSSIBILITY never exists. Are you read to build for the FUTURE? You can ACHIEVE IT BELIEVE IT AND ACT ON IT NOW. You may feel that there is no hope and that no one seems to be in the same path as you are, find our how much a winner can endure to succeed.

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